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    Inspecting peoples houses is the most interesting job in the world

3 Nov

I went to a 10 year old townhouse in Gymea this morning. It looked like a really easy job. But as I entered the property I spotted a termite treatment. Why is there a termite treatment in a relatively new house I wondered. Found out soon enough - OMG, the roof was eaten out by termites. A bit unusual for a newish property, but you never know. You just never ever know.

30 Jan

The property market is picking up. I can feel it. It's not a frenzy but it's beginning to move. And it might move fast. I reckon it's a good time to buy. Not as much competition about. And interest rates have just fallen. There might be a rush. Just inspected a house in John Street, Erskineville and it was really nice.

7 April

I inspected a very very very very very expensive house today in a suburb I better not name. Don't tell anyone but it had t-t-t-t-termites.

4 July


I could still smell the paint in the house I inspected today in Maroubra it was so recently done. And then I realised why. When I went up through the manhole into the roof there were great big gapping holes through the tiles that will cost id="mce_marker"5,000 to replace. Don't bother trying to hide stuff from me thank you very much.</p>"</p>"

7 February

I've been too wet to write anything lately. But today the sun was shining and I feel terrific again. And it looks like the property market hasn't suffered from the wet weather. An inspection I did in Queens Park during the open for inspection was teeming with people. The market sure is hot - in the eastern suburbs at least!!

5 April

Today I inspected a multi-million dollar mega-mansion right on the water. It was absolutely beautiful. That is, except for the damp. Did I say damp? This place was leaking like a sieve - through the roof, through the walls and under the floor. The buyers are going to have a heart attack when they read the report!!

7 January

I inspected a unit in Tamarama today. It was just beautiful on the inside but boy, did the outside of the building need some work!! I guess that's the price you pay if you want to live close to the beach. Pity the Owners Corporation didn't do a bit more maintenance on the building over the years because now its going to cost them a bomb.

5 July

I know that we need the rain but it makes it hard work for poor building inspectors. People say at least I'll be able to tell if the roof leaks but that's just not right. I don't need a rainy day to tell if the roof leaks. I can tell by the condition of the roof when I look at it from the outside and from the underside when I climb into the ceiling space. Then, I can tell you if it's in good condition, if it needs restoration or whether it needs replacement. Not only that, I'll even give you a pretty good idea about how much all those things will cost.

7 November

We're getting a spate of horrible houses lately. A great big good looking house in Eastwood today had dangerous wiring, corroded plumbing, a weak roof and floors that sloped out of level. It looked terrific from the outside but I got a shock when I went through it. The buyers might get a shock too when they read my report.

6 Oct

Wow - you should have seen this $6million house I inspected today. It was enormous. But I don't think my client is going be too happy with the report. In fact, he's going to be downright shocked but I better not say why just yet.

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Inspecting peoples houses is the most interesting job in the world.


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